What is SEO? | Search Engine Optimisation | Why is it important for eCommerce?

Updated: Mar 31

All bout SEO or Search Engines Optimisation and its advantages. Ecommerce sales boost jackpot. Read more...

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation, which is the practice of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website through organic search engine results.

This practice is implemented by Professional E-Marketing Agencies or in-house SEO Marketing Managers.

Implementing SEO to your website will make it highly visible and relevant to search engines to show your content to end online users, therefore converting them into potential customers.

How To Workout Your eCommerce SEO Plan?

Hiring an SEO Expert is not an easy task. As a matter of fact, most website owners spend lots of time and money before finding the right person. This happens mostly because the SEO Marketing Service is still new to everyone out there. However, here are some simple tips to spot the right candidate.

1) Ask For Their SEO Records.

What company have they managed to rank high on Google page 1 and with what relevant keywords? Remember! A company showing up on Google does not necessarily mean that it ranks high on Google search. Sorry, but this is too complicated for me! Find help here.

2) Request A Website Review.

This tool will give you a broader idea of your website needs and the opportunity to understand your potential SEO Expert. The key here is simple. The right SEO Expert will try their best to be the least technical as possible for you to understand the actual service they are offering and its advantages to your business. If they are using too many technical terms without explaining, move on to the next candidate.

3) Do Not Rush!

Rushing will make you waste at least 6 whole months of your time and money, as this is the average time for a good SEO implementation to start showing up efficient results.

4) Ask A For Project Deadlines.

Most SEO Expert, driven by money will try to avoid drawing deadline, and arguing that SEO it up to search engines and not to them. They are actually right. However an Experienced SEO Manager knows exactly how long it takes to get there depending on the type of business you run. So make sure not to fall for that.

Hopefully should not be part of your vocabulary when it comes to SEO. If the work is well executed, The results will follow within a specific time frame.

SEO Reports. What Is This?

The SEO Reports offer you recommendations to improve your site's ranking based on SEO Best Practices to help increase your online business day to day performance. Note: SEO implementation is slow process, however, very efficient when performed accurately. It is your business DNA as it will always be there over the years, besides it is also highly cost effective.

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