Frequently asked questions


What is Ecommerce UX Design?

Ecommerce UX designer is practice to make an eCommerce browsing experience responsive and easy to understand to end-users. Key areas of focus include information architecture, user research, branding, visual design, and content.

What is SERP Maraketing?

SERP: Search engine results page. A SERP, is the page you see after entering a query into search engines pages such as Google, Yahoo and much more. Therefore SERP Marketing is a professional parctice to make eCommerce or websites easier to find by end-users on the internet. This practice are developped by e-marketing agencies or SEO-SERP Managers.

What is a 3D Product Configuarator?

A 3D product configurator is a tool that lets users personalise products themselves to their specifications. The added value of the 3D configurator is that it allows customers to interact with your products live. This tool is key for business owners willing to make bespoke branding to their products.

Building Your Ecommerce Team. What not to do?

95% of companies owning eCommerce stores tend to make this huge mistake. Hire that one guy for all eCommerce management tasks, therefore expecting the successful candidate to be the Designer, Developer, Graphic Designer, Marketing Guru and Community manager of their online store. Unfortunately, this method is the key to an eCommerce project failure. The worst thing about it is that, This wrong decision is always spotted almost too late. You may never get advice on this prior a new project, because most IT Agencies are all about their revenues, hence, If your project does not work as a result of this. You cannot do anything else, but feel sorry for yourself. Then eventually look for the next candidate or agency to hire, if it is not too late yet. Do you really want to run in circles toward failure? Contact us.

When and How To Hire  Your eCommerce Team?

We all agree that the most important bit of an eCommerce business is the actual platform, right? But how to make sure you do not build a random non responsive platform that does not meet your business needs? The ideal move forward would be hiring our services. However, whatever do. Never engage in any eCommerce endeavour before seeking advice from an UX Design Specialist. This will help you build a fully responsive and user friendly online store. An UX design expert is that person that advises you on the right platform for your online business based on the following details: (Company philosophy - Branding concept - The choice of the right platform according to your products and expected traffic flow - Your business and marketing strategy ideas - SEO implementation projection - UX Design concept - The key team to run the project as well as the team members roles). Unfortunately most IT agencies will skip this important assessment to take you directly into the actual eCommerce platform building process. As a result of this, most online business owners end up building their online store first. Then hire the project management team later one. This is against professional eCommerce development plan best practice. Let us help you make the right decisions for your business. ​At SEO-UX DESIGN LDN we are fully experienced and qualified to help you with these steps to save you from future business target shortage.

Choosing Your SEO and UX Design Management Expert

Most business owners and entrepreneurs believe that a degree is the safer requirement for eCommerce management recruitment. To be honest they are quite right on this. However, IT roles are not so popular yet, this means that not every business owner including their HR management are always qualified to make the right decision when choosing the perfect eCommerce Project Manger or Agency. Why? Because only an expert that has been in the field for sometimes already with proven experience is able to identify the right skilled candidates as well as testing them for the actual role. We will be more than happy to develop this in person. One thing certain is that 6 out of 10 eCommerce owners with average budgets end up with buggy eCommerce platforms that stop their business from growing. Bypass all those mistakes and turn them into strengths for a good business launching from scratch with our S.E.O services.​ Should you have an existing eCommerce seeking sales growth and/or UX Design? Do not worry. We offer you the right tools and advices after a full eCommerce audit.

How do We Guarantee Goals and Targets Hits?

Unlike many competitors in our niche. SEO-UX DESIGN does not aim to make money fast, but rather make sure that the work perform for any of our clients is productive and helps grow their businesses for the long run. Here is an example: We placed this company ( on page 1 of Google, 6 years ago. They are still there till today and will in fact remain at that ranking position as long as the job I performed back then with our SEO implementation skills is not heavily modified, but adjusted accordingly to meet new IT trends. That is our philosophy. At SEO-UX DESIGN, we enjoy what we do and are proud to witness our clients everlasting business growth through the years. To keep our words, we have also decided to own a limited portfolio to make sure all our clients are always attended and fully satisfied from our Professional E-Marketing Services.

Delivering an In-House like Professional Relationship

You will not feel a huge difference between our professional services and an in-house employee. As a matter of fact, you save more than 50% off salaries and get one of the highest quality assessment in the UK. We go extra miles, since we do not only execute to get the task done as soon as possible, but we listen, analyse, fix and prevent your eCommerce from further faults. Anticipating issues rising from an eCommerce store is not the bit business owner will usually notice or reward as it is not countable unless the fault or bug actually happens. However, we strongly rely on this to make sure we are one of the best eCommerce specialist in the business, by keeping your customers browsing experience engaging, productive and safe.



What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which is the practice of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website through organic search engine results. This practice is implemented by E-Marketing Agencies or in-house SEO Marketing Managers.

How to Workout Your eCommerce SEO Plan?

Well! There is no magic here. The right SEO Expert will show proven evidences of their success without a doubt in a simple and clear way for you to understand. Hence you can make your mind up on hire them or not. Never feel embarrassed from requesting proofs of achieved goals every single time you deal with this type of situation. As a matter of fact. Here are SEO-UX Design latest projects covering both UX Design and SEO Implementation, included webstore building from scratch. Both platforms are rank high on Google page 1 for several relevant niche keywords. Do you want your eCommerce store to rank high on search engines as well? We are here to help. Checkout our our marketing plans here.

What is Google Analytics Reports for?

Google Analytics report allows the us to monitor the traffic coming to your sites from Google search engine. It displays the clicks and impression details per page and also per keyword. It also displays the trend of the the actual stats by selected period of time to help you understand your users shopping behaviours while browsing your online store.

What is Site Explorer Tools?

The Site Explorer tools provides us a unique view to navigate through your site structure, Identify and discover insights and issues with URLs such as redirects, crawl issues, disallowed by robots.txt and much more... This tool Help us anticipate URLs bugs and redirect users to relevant content based on their search, therefore low site bouncing rate.

Sitemap Report

The Sitemap report shows us details about your site and the crawl as well as the processing stats of the same. It also allows us to submit multiple sitemaps in a single click.

What is a Site Map?

A site map is a list of pages of a web site within a domain. This display the pages srtucture on a site intended to help web crawlers such as search engines and others bots understand and crawl your site efficiently.

What is URL Submission?

The URL Submission allows us to submit your site URLs for immediate crawling and indexation from major search engines. This SEO tasks is essential for users to find your site online easily.

What is Backlink Report?

Backlinks report allows the us to manage and monitor your site's referrals profile. The report displays the backlinks performance to a site linked based on referring domains and anchor texts. This report also helps us understand what site is relevant to yours for backlinks efficiency. Backlinks are one of the must important implementation tasks for your site SEO and ranking

Keywords Research. Why is this important?

The Keyword research allows us to check the phrases and keywords that potential customers are querying for on search engines and their corresponding search volumes. We will then implement those terms together with SEO Best Practices to showcase your online store to searchers, so they click on it first. When this task is perform well. Your site is likely to rank high on search engines.

SEO Reports. What is this?

The SEO Reports show us recommendations to improve your site's ranking based on SEO Best Practices to help increase your online business day to day performance. Note: SEO implementation is slow process, however very efficient when performed accurately. It is your business DNA as it will always be there over the years and is highly cost effective.

SEO Best Practices

SEO best practices are a set of tasks we perform to help improve your site search engine rankings. We will apply up to 15 SEO Best Practices to make sure your site ranks high on Google, Bings, Yahoo, Yandex and much more within an agreed project deadline.

Site Scan. What is this for?

The Site Scan feature is a site audit tool that helps us crawl your site and checks for common technical SEO issues to make your website both search engine and user friendly.